NEW: Immigrants Lead Canadian Blockchain


Empowering Voices, Inspiring Futures

Welcome to “Immigrants Lead Canadian Blockchain,” a series that shines a light on the incredible journeys of eight leaders from diverse sectors within the blockchain arena. Our story unfolds in the vibrant city of Toronto, where the Blockchain North team convened at the prestigious Osler offices. High above the city, amidst a backdrop of sprawling views obscured by clouds, a narrative of resilience, courage, and innovation was shared.

These leaders, hailing from the distant corners of Africa, Europe, the Middle East, Asia, and beyond, have navigated their way to Canada, each carrying their family histories. Their journeys, though fraught with challenges, led them to the forefront of the blockchain revolution in Canada, where they have since become pillars of progress and innovation.

Through their narratives, they shared invaluable insights for fellow immigrants—advice on forging new connections, the compelling reasons to consider a career in blockchain, and, most poignantly, how their unique immigrant stories have sculpted their identities, influencing their professional ethos and their contributions to the world.

This series is more than just a collection of interviews; it’s a testament to the power of the immigrant lens in shaping Canada’s blockchain landscape. It highlights why Canada is a land of opportunity, and also, where Canada can do better.

The eight stories of our “Immigrants Lead Canadian Blockchain” series underscore the significance of the immigrant experience in enriching the Canadian identity and the burgeoning blockchain ecosystem, proving that, indeed, Canada is the place to be for visionaries ready to leave their indelible mark on the world.